Benefiting Both People and Wildlife


  • KWCAO has given interactive wildlife conservation presentations to over 500 schools in the Kasese District
  • We are securing a future for wildlife by helping over 425,000 students in the district become wildlife ambassadors
  • We have taken hundreds of children and community members on field trips to Queen Elizabeth National Park where they see wild animals for the first time in their lives and begin to foster an appreciation for preserving it.
  • We have helped preserve wild animal habitat by planting over 5,000 trees in the district.
  • We have helped ex-poachers make a living through alternative methods by buying tree seedlings from them for our tree-planting program.
  • We started and continue to maintain a Wildlife Conservation Resource Center, open 6 days per week where community members can visit and learn about animals, habitats, and the importance of protecting them – all free of charge.
  • We have helped organize wildlife clubs at hundreds of schools in the district.
  • Educational materials about wildlife and conservation are provided free of charge to schools and their communities.
  • We developed a comprehensive wildlife conservation curriculum for field coordinators to present to the schoolchildren during their visits.
  • We have achieved non-profit status in both the United States and Uganda and have a volunteer Board of Directors in both countries.
  • We continue to partner with organizations, businesses, and schools in the United States and Uganda to help carry out our mission