Community Engagement


Community Engagement and Environmental Preservation

A Multi-pronged Approach to Engaging the Community in Wildlife Conservation

Our community outreach program has a greater impact by focusing on areas with higher poaching rates, especially communities bordering Queen Elizabeth National Park. During our program, we provide interactive wildlife conservation videos that are uniquely adapted to each community’s needs and concerns. Following the program, KWCAO volunteers disburse wildlife conservation education pamphlets and tree seedlings to every individual. In addition, up to 10 families are chosen to have fuel-efficient stoves constructed at their homes. In return, every family agrees to help several other families in the area construct their own fuel-efficient stoves, making the conservation impact far-reaching.


Photo: A community member poses with her tree seedlings and a KWCAO pamphlet about wildlife conservation.

Photo: Community members receive tree saplings to plant at their homes and in their communities. They will use the branches for firewood so they don’t have to cut down protected trees. The mature trees also provide shade from the intense heat.

Photo: A community member is so appreciative of her new fuel-efficient stove and her tree seedlings.

Video: An ex-poacher (woman in blue dress) leads her community group in singing about wildlife conservation. After seeing people in her community killed in the poaching industry, she gave up poaching and dedicated her life to educating others about the value of national parks and wildlife protection.

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