Tree Planting and Habitat Restoration


Sustainable Resources and Shade

Photo: Two students pose with seedlings KWACO gave them.

Photo: The chairman of the Harukungu Anti-Poaching Group is appreciative of the 150 tree seedlings KWCAO gave them to plant.

Photo: A school group poses with the trees they planted several years prior.

Preserving Habitat

Tree planting is a large part of habitat restoration and conservation and KWCAO plants approximately 3,000 to 4,000 trees in the district every year. KWCAO purchases the seedlings from community members and ex-poachers who started nurseries in lieu of poaching wildlife to support their families. We then give them to students during school presentations and during field trips to the national park, but we don’t stop there.

We also give seedlings to community members so they can have trees for shade and branches for firewood which reduces the impact of illegal deforestation in the nearby national park.


Photo: Schoolchildren play near the forest that previous students planted.

Video: An interview with students who received tree seedlings from KWCAO.

Video: Secondary students take pride in the trees and forest they planted from KWCAO seedlings.

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