Better for the environment. Better for the people.

Photo: A woman poses with her new fuel-efficient stove and tree seedlings provided by KWCAO.

Photo: A traditional, three-stone stove which uses more firewood and exposes the cooks to excessive smoke.

Photo: The fuel-efficient stove building process

About Fuel-efficient Stoves

To create a greater conservation impact, we expanded our efforts to protect the environment through the promotion of sustainable activities. In particular, we are focusing on forest conservation to include fuel-efficient cooking stoves which require less than half the amount of wood needed for a traditional open flame fire, reducing the consumption of illegally-sourced firewood from national forests.

The recipients of our stoves also enjoy other benefits that include reduced exposure to dangerous smoke inhalation which causes lung cancer and other breathing difficulties.

Although relatively new, this method of conservation proves to be particularly effective, as community members throughout the Kasese District have been requesting these alternative cooking stoves.



Video: A homeowner begins the stove-building process by mixing mud with concrete.

Video: Continuing the stove building process using bricks

Video: A homeowner, Kabugho Defranza, is happy with her new stove from KWCAO. The mud and concrete are still curing, with pieces of wood keeping open the spaces where the pots will go.

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