Our Programs


Sowing the Seeds of Conservation

Connecting Children to Nature through Field Trips to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Community Engagement

A Multi-pronged Approach to Engaging the Community in Wildlife Conservation

Creating Conservation Impact in School-Aged Children

Introducing Wildlife Conservation Practices through Interactive Video Presentations, Tree Planting, and Wildlife Clubs.

Environmental Preservation and Restoration

Tree planting is a large part of habitat restoration and conservation and KWCAO plants approximately 3,000 to 4,000 trees in the district every year. 

Wildlife Resource Center

Relevant information enables people to create a positive change within their community.


To create a greater conservation impact, we expanded our efforts to protect the environment through the promotion of sustainable activities.


We support the community by helping schoolchildren create their own wildlife clubs.

Alternative Livelihoods

KWCAO is meeting the community’s growing need for conservation education by reaching out to the adult members of the community.

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