Conservation Resource Center


Photo: Children view a wildlife video on one of the KWCAO tablets.

Photo: Reading books about wildlife at the Conservation Resource Center.

Photo: The KWCAO Team

A Center for Everyone

A Wildlife Conservation Center That is Engaging, Free, and Open to the Public

When people are provided with relevant information about how they can help create a positive change within their community they are more likely to act on it. But due to the absence of both local libraries and formal education on the subject, the people in the district do not have access to the necessary information to learn about wildlife. To meet this critical need, we created the KWCAO Wildlife Conservation Resource Center.

The KWCAO Wildlife Conservation Resource Center is open to the public and runs exclusively by volunteers. It serves as a central repository of information and is free to the public. We have all kinds of materials for all ages, including books, posters, animal models, a laptop for viewing videos and writing reports, and several electronic tablets with pre-loaded ebooks and videos available to anyone who wants to view them. This is an exciting resource for a community where many people lack the basic comforts of indoor plumbing and electricity and is often a child’s first exposure to wildlife and conservation practices. Conservation education pamphlets and wildlife trading cards are also available for visitors to take home and share with their family and friends.

Photo: A student wears a chimpanzee mask during a lesson at the Wildlife Conservation Center.

Video: Mr. Muharabu John presents KWCAO with artwork after being inspired by our wildlife trading cards and his conversation with Program Manager Nicholas Muhindo.

Video: Ex-poachers do a skit in the KWCAO Conservation Resource Center office about the detriments of poaching

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