Introducing Nicholas Muhindo

The Kasese Wildlife Conservation Awareness Organization is excited to introduce our new Program Manager, Nicholas Muhindo. Nicholas has an extensive background in wildlife conservation, including working for the Uganda Wildlife Education Center in Entebbe and Emirates Park Zoo in the UAE. He also worked as a Research Assistant for the Wildlife Conservation Society where he collected data to help address the bushmeat crisis.

Nicholas brings a vast array of knowledge and experience on the care and conservation of many different animal species as well as enthusiasm for conservation as he works each day to end the illegal poaching trade in Uganda. His inspiration comes from an experience as a young student when he went on a field trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park. In his own words, “That maiden trip gave me sleepless nights since I so much loved wild animals. The talk from the wildlife warden and rangers in Mweya, especially the dwindling numbers of chimpanzees and elephants and their habitats, so much hiked my emotions and inculcated wild animal conservation in me at an early age.” 

He also credits Asaba Mukobi’s “bold talks to students about wildlife,” saying he was so impressed that he, too, wanted to do the same work and “speak to people of all ages about wildlife and environmental conservation.” As a high-school student, Nicholas joined his school’s wildlife club, and after graduation, joined KWCAO as a field coordinator in 2005, giving presentations to schoolchildren. He’s overwhelmingly happy about returning to KWCAO as Program Manager in 2021. He says, “I’m so happy that my primary dream came to reality and still happy to be in the same field. I have much passion for conservation that I want to retire in the same profession.” 

As KWCAO’s Program Manager, Nicholas will oversee the daily operations as we continue our work to increase wildlife awareness and conservation in schools and communities, plant trees, construct fuel-efficient stoves, help poachers choose alternative livelihoods, take students on field trips to Queen Elizabeth National Park, and build on our learning repository at our Wildlife Conservation Education Center in Bwera. 

Apart from his work with KWCAO, Nicholas enjoys spending time with his wife, Brenda Kabugho, and four children, including twins Nyakato Melissa Magogo and Larsen Isingoma Magogo, followed by Samantha Kiiza Magogo and Israel Kamalha Magogo.

Please join us in welcoming Nicholas back to the Kasese Wildlife Conservation Awareness Organization as our Program Manager!